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Beauty Trends You Have to Follow in 2014

This year you have to get it done! You have to stay touching all the fashion news and beauty trends and you have to follow them all. In 2014 you is likely to be always updated with all the current gorgeous and awesome beauty trends!

You realize you intend to look beautiful everyday and this year you could make it happen. Why? Because the 2014 beauty trends are all you have ever been looking for. And what should we focus on?

Let’s focus on your hair! In 2014 you can wear stylish headbands, retro headbands, as frequently as you would like cause they’re in style. Actually most of the hair accessories are coming back big time so you’re free to make use of your imagination. Be wild and don’t hesitate to test them all. Some cute colorful flowers in your hair will transform you in to a splendid princess!
Braided Updo

Braided Updo

Also, if you intend to remain true from the crowd you are able to begin wearing a bouffant hairstyle. The quantity could make all friends and family envious and they’ll genuinely wish to know your secret. Not feeling so wild? Then we have another hair trend for you personally: braided updos! Yup, they totally equal instant pretty.

Straight hair is back and this year we desire to wear slick straight hair. Take back from your closed your hair straightening iron and don’t forget heat protectant!

Now it’s time for makeup! Your lips will appear awesome this year cause you can begin using orange lip color. Wow, right? Just search for your preferred shade and search fab. And when you will need a break you are able to turn to light berry lips look. We realize you wore it last winter and you are able to still utilize it this spring too. Tip: here is another subtler version!

For your eyes we have great news: this year is the year of the bold eyeshadow!  Nothing is more amazing than a smoky shadow all over the lids. You could be the star of the party for sure. During the day you can utilize the fresh look and this year no makeup is allowed too.
Gorgeous Smoky Eye Shadow

Gorgeous Smoky Eyeshadow

A crazy trend for this year is striped nails! From single strokes to grids you can use everything. Match tons of colors and let the entire world admire your cute nails!

Trendy Striped Nails

Trendy Striped Nails

originally shared on Best Fashion Week

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Pattern Trends We Love: Polka Dots

This year the great polka dots are definitely however you like and we’ve to admit we like this pattern. The polka dots are cute and fun and they cheer up every outfit.

Did you realize that the state definition with this pattern is: polka dots = a routine consisting of numerous filled circles? Yup, it is a really simple explantion! They say traditionally polka dots were utilized in the clothing of flamenco dancers. We are able to totally note that because those dots make the dancers more vivid and more flexible.

But nowadays the polka dots invaded our wardrobes and we like wearing them. So what can become more awesome that a polka dot bowtie when you’re wearing a great unicolor shirt? With this kind of accessory you are able to leave your necklaces in the home for sure.

Polka dots bowtie

Polka Dots Bowtie

Are you currently buying a very girly look and you wish to show the planet you’re a polka dot fan? Have a look at our lovely suggestion. This dress is fun and great for a sunn day. Just like it every second!

Retro fashion model in red polka dots

Retro Fashion Model In Red Polka Dots

And now let’s get you to the pin-up era! Those gals really loved dots and everywhere you looked you may see them. Once in a when you could try the style, you will want to? You’ll look mysterious and chic and you is likely to be in the spotlight all day long.

Black polka dots dress

Black Polka Dots Dress

One of many best color mixes ever is that consisting in white and red. They’re going perfectly together. Try this red and white polka dots dress and allow compliments overwhelm you! Wow, just stunning!

Red polka dots dress

Red Polka Dots Dress

Regardless of the current weather, even though sunlight is shinning up in the sky or the rain is overpowering the town, the special polka dots are there for you. A good accessory for a sad rainy day is a particular polka dot umbrella. It brings the smile on that person and maybe it’ll face the rain! Yes, these dots have a particular power, they always make you are feeling great!

Polka dots umbrella

Red Polka Dots Umbrella

originally shared on Best Fashion Week

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5 Chic Alternatives for Blue Eyes Makeup

When you yourself have blue eyes, you’re gifted. Be sure to cause them to become look fabulous!
If you’d like your eyes to pop like nothing you’ve seen prior, here are a few simple tips that’ll illuminate see your face and cause you to absolutely gorgeous.

Get a classy cat eye makeup, if that you do not prefer to experiment an excessive amount of with fancy colors. This type of makeup  may add intensity and deepness to your look. The trick is based on the black eyeliner.

Beautiful woman with fashion makeup

Here’s a significant tip: never put an excessive amount of accent to both your lips and eyes. But when you adore bright lipsticks and smoky eyes makeup, here is a cool way to combine them up. Select a light, smoky eyes makeup, with a brown eyeshadow rather than black that may complement your blue eyes and can make them pop tastfully.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re feeling playful you are able to choose colorful eyeshadow, that’ll embrace your beautiful blue eyes, being a rainbow on a blue sky.


You will find days when you wish an all natural look, without a lot of makeup. The perfect solution is is based on just a little pastel, a subtle pink  which will reduce your look.

Portrait of spring

You are able to never make a mistake with smoky eyes. This fits all eye colors. But we ought to admit that blue eyes look stunning in the event that you opt for black and grey eyeshadow, in dazzling combinations, for the utmost effective smoky eyes.

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

originally shared on Best Fashion Week

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