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5 Chic Alternatives for Blue Eyes Makeup

When you yourself have blue eyes, you’re gifted. Be sure to cause them to become look fabulous!
If you’d like your eyes to pop like nothing you’ve seen prior, here are a few simple tips that’ll illuminate see your face and cause you to absolutely gorgeous.

Get a classy cat eye makeup, if that you do not prefer to experiment an excessive amount of with fancy colors. This type of makeup  may add intensity and deepness to your look. The trick is based on the black eyeliner.

Beautiful woman with fashion makeup

Here’s a significant tip: never put an excessive amount of accent to both your lips and eyes. But when you adore bright lipsticks and smoky eyes makeup, here is a cool way to combine them up. Select a light, smoky eyes makeup, with a brown eyeshadow rather than black that may complement your blue eyes and can make them pop tastfully.

Woman with red lipstick

If you’re feeling playful you are able to choose colorful eyeshadow, that’ll embrace your beautiful blue eyes, being a rainbow on a blue sky.


You will find days when you wish an all natural look, without a lot of makeup. The perfect solution is is based on just a little pastel, a subtle pink  which will reduce your look.

Portrait of spring

You are able to never make a mistake with smoky eyes. This fits all eye colors. But we ought to admit that blue eyes look stunning in the event that you opt for black and grey eyeshadow, in dazzling combinations, for the utmost effective smoky eyes.

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

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