Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Perfect

We’re never content with our facial features, we always want to look perfect and sometimes only a little detail (like a nose that seems to big, eyes that seem too small) can make us feel unhappy.

Aesthetic surgery isn’t the very best and healthier solution, but there are numerous makeup tricks we can use to correct our little imperfections. Here are a few ideas for your eyes and lips:

Trick no. 1 How to make your eyes look smaller than they’re
Makup tricks to look perfect

Large and round eyes tend to dominate the face and the very best way to distract attention from their store is using dark shades of makeup and eyeliner across the eyes. Use mascara for volume, not for length!

Trick no. 2.How to make eyes look bigger then they’re

Eye makeup

Use strong colors around the eyes and never use black eyeliner on the underside eyelid! Use white or beige eyeliner, which will be great especially when you wish a smoky eyes makeup. You need to use black eyeliner only on top eyelid! Long eyelashes make the eyes seem smaller. Work with a lash curler and a coating of mascara.

Trick no. 3: How to make your lips look smaller


If you prefer your lips to look smaller try this makeup trick:

Apply matte color lipstick. Begin from the underside of the lips and rub lips to move the lipstick to the top. Keep your lip colors neutral. Avoid brights or pastels. Apply bright blush to detract from lips and to even out color on face.

Trick no. 4: How to make your lips look bigger

Makeup set

If you prefer your lips to look bigger then you definitely should read these advices:

Avoid dark lipsticks or glosses and select a lighter shade to give the illusion of fullness. Also, grab lipsticks with shinier finishes. Use a lip pencil of the same color as your natural lips to accentuate the top lip by drawing only a little line above the conventional distinct the lip. Sweep a little dab of light colored gloss only in the midst of your lips, both top and bottom.

Brush your lips with a child toothbrush and some lip balm or work with a natural scrubbing product.

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